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2015 Hair Trends

January 15th, 2015

2015 Color Trends

Every year we take a look forward at what’s to come. This year when thinking about what will be happening in 2015, it seemed that big leaps weren’t really in the cards. What I still see is A LOT of long hair, mid hair LOBS (long bobs), short hair with undercuts, and pastel shades in hair color. As a stylist, my purpose is to take the looks that are out there and be a translator for you.

We’ve created 3 Pinterest boards to help you find inspiration for 2015!

The first board features haircut looks for women and a few for our guys, too.  The mid-length cut is still at the top of the list, with lots of undercutting.  Bobs? Yes, they are here to stay. Why? Because for some hair and faces it’s pure perfection.  Short hair? Yes, yes and yes.  Seeing all of these great short cuts is inspiring us to cut it all off again!

The second board showcases styles straight off the runway. It’s all long hair, with a common thread.  There is a naturalness to it.  I love the creative ponytails, the headbands, and the bobby pins. There are also many unique braids that are fresh and edgy, or pretty.  Here’s what you need to pull off these looks: you have to be confident, and you have to practice what looks natural.  Yes, practice being natural.  And, your hair has to have texture for some kind of grip. If you don’t already have this with your natural hair texture, I recommend Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray to create it.  The biggest takeaway from this year’s runway shows: no clean hair for sure!

Lastly, we put together a board of color ideas. Keep in mind, color can go bad fast without the right vision and technical skills. You can bomb an Ombre (aka bombre).  Pastel hues, when done badly, can easily look like a teenager playing with hair color.  I recommend that you go for what is tasteful.  Bring in pictures for your stylist and remember: maintenance is key. If you can’t manage the upkeep of a high maintenance color – don’t do it.  And, if your New Year’s goal is to lighten, lighten, lighten with a transformation to blonde… we are happy to report that we now have a new secret ingredient called Olaplex.  It strengthens the hair like nothing else! Going lighter can now be easier, with less breakage and healthier results overall.

Try something new…subtle or not. It’s a new year.  Time to refresh.

2015 TRENDS:

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