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Brightening Up For Summer!

June 15th, 2014


What shade of blonde do you want to be? Believe it or not, everyone can be a blonde. Honey blonde, strawberry blonde, icy blonde. High maintenance blonde and low maintenance blonde. There is a blonde for everyone. Which one is for you?

I went butter blonde many years ago and it was all about my attitude. Of course I changed my makeup routine and my wardrobe to incorporate warmer tones, but it was certainly a fun experiment! After 10 months of bleaching, my poor scalp had had enough so I went back to brown. Interestingly, I didn’t like being a brunette again for several weeks. Now I’m sympathetic to my blonde clients who are sensitive to darker shades…I’ve been there!

If you are considering a change to blonde now that summer has arrived, here are some tips for the “right” blonde for you:

*Skin tone, eye color, time of year and lifestyle all play a part in finding the right shade of blonde.

A general rule is the lighter the eyes, the lighter the hair; the darker the eyes, the darker the blonde. Pink skin tones should avoid warm blondes. Go for sandy and beige blondes. If you have an olive complexion, go for warm blondes to avoid bringing out the green undertones of olive skin. If you have a more neutral skin tone, go for warm or cool, or even mix the two together!

*Maintenance and lifestyle are an important factor in the blonde you choose. If you’re a Bay Area wash-and-go gal, then choose minimal highlights around the face using an ombre or Flamboyage technique.  It’s easy to wear and has less maintenance.

If you want full-blown blonde and don’t mind coming in the salon every 3-4 weeks (AND you have the skin color for it) go for it!  But remember, if you don’t keep up with your color, you’ll likely get banding and other less-desirable effects. Make sure you consult with your stylist before going in this direction. Personally my favorite option is multi-dimensional blonde. It works for cool blondes, strawberry blondes and golden blondes. Using lowlights for contrast brings out a depth of effect and can really make your eye color pop! I love highlights that aren’t so predictable. These can really compliment a cut or the wave of your hair with the right placement.

*And last but not least: Beautiful, healthy hair is most important.

No matter what color you choose, fried or damaged hair is never attractive.  Ever.

Blonding is the most aggressive coloring we do. Frequency, product, styling tools and home care are extra important with bleached hair. Let us help you choose the right products to sustain healthy hair. Shampoo as little as possible and choose the right leave-in protection. Also stay away from excessive blow drying and heat styling tools like curling irons.

And with all that being said… Lighten up!


We believe…in our work, our community and you…

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