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Calling All Curls!

March 11th, 2014


This month at Festoon it is all about curls, waves, and texture. Lately curling irons are taking over and being used to create romantic texture and beach-y looks. Why? Waves are soft, beautiful and flattering.  So curly girls, count your blessings for having natural curls!

For those of you who haven’t embraced your curls, yet, we are here to help make your curls your ally!  We want to be your curl-whisperer.  It starts with understanding that every curl is as unique as you are and every day with curly hair is a new adventure.  Curly hair comes out of the head differently and curls come in all textures and lengths. Nobody’s curl is ever the same as someone else’s.  My most recent look has become wavy, because as my hair has aged – becoming wavier and frizzier.  Instead of trying to fight it back straight, I changed the way I style my hair and embraced the new curl. I’m so happy I did!

Over the last few years, we’ve endeavored to become curly hair experts. To address the special nature of curly hair, we’ve brought on newhighly effective products specifically created for curls. Curly hair is fragile, so cleansers that are no lather, sulfate/silicone/paraben free are essential.  And, we’ve brought in specialists for staff trainings, as well as sent our stylists to N.Y. and L.A. for  training just for curly hair.  In this process, we have also learned the DevaCurl technique for cutting curly hair.  So we cut hair dry a lot of the time, and we teach you how to manage your curly hair.  Because how you style your curly ‘do is as important as how we cut your hair!

Once you know how to BE with your curls, you are more confident about how to manage your hair, your hair looks beautiful and the compliments flow. Let us help you make the most of your beautiful curls!

As I am a newcomer to the curly girl gang, I asked a few of our own Festoonie curly girls for some tips:

What is the biggest thing that has made your hair more manageable?
A great haircut and the right products -Jordan
 didn’t really know how defined my curls could be until I learned the deva 3-step styling method. My curls need to be encouraged, and the best thing I took away from that was to not over fuss with my hair when it’s wet. Scrunch the water out, blot with a towel, add product. Then NO touching after that! -Kristy
*Deva products – especially the no poo cleanser. I never realized my hair was frizzy because of the shampoo I was using -Leanne
*Knowing that you never brush curly hair after washing!! -Kristal 

Has your curly hair changed over time and if so, how did you deal with it?
*It’s gotten curlier over time. My hair is very opinionated and let’s me know what it needs when it changes -Jordan
*Yes, My hair went from “s’wavy” when I was an adolescent to curly. I blame that on puberty ; ) -Kristy
*I didn’t even know I had curly hair until I was 15. It was very long and I brushed it out  -Leanne

How do you create different looks? 
*Product. Some make hair tamer and some make it bigger. My favorite is big hair -Jordan
*If I want my hair at its curliest I follow the deva 3-step. If I want a looser curl similar to a finger wave, I style when my hair is wet (slightly dripping) by parting it where I want and run a wide tooth comb through from root to ends. Then I scrunch some product in and lightly finger it into place before I diffuse or air dry -Kristy
*Bobby pins hide really well in curly hair. Use them to create different styles! -Leanne

*Different products with different amounts of hold change the style -Kristal 

What are your favorite two go-to products and why?
*Oribe Curl Shaping Mousse hands down. It defines my curls and makes them soft to the touch. I can reapply on dry hair and it tames the hair when it’s a little out of control. This product is amazing and I will cry if they ever take it away! I also like the Davines Curl Building Serum because it creates shine and helps with frizz -Jordan
*DevaCurl One Conditioner is a must! Also the Light Defining Hold Gel because it works on everyone no matter the texture -Kristal
*Now that my hair is a shorter length I struggle with getting enough texture in my hair. It’s very soft and healthy which is good but harder to style. I’m really loving the Surfcomber Mousse by Oribe. A little goes a long way – one half-dollar size dollop from root to ends.  It gives a texture similar to when you use hairspray, giving great hold and definition without weighing my hair down. I’m also loving the Kerastase Spray A Porter. I love to spray it on dry hair to refresh my curls and it adds just the right texture without feeling sticky -Kristy

How do you normally style your hair?
*Wash and go. I’m not big on a lot of fuss and my hair doesn’t like it either -Jordan
*When my hair is freshly washed I wear it down for two days then it goes up for a day or two
*Scrunched with it’s natural wave, or air-dried then curled with a curling iron -Kristal

How often do you get it cut?
*I try for every eight weeks -Kristal
*Every 10 weeks -Leanne
*Every 8-10 weeks. 12 weeks if I’m growing it longer -Kristy

Did you always like your curly hair?
*No! I used to look like a wet poodle when my mom cut my hair when I was a kid! -Kristal
*I have. I didn’t think I could do any different.  A roommate in college spent 2 hours blowing out my hair and I thought it was a lot to ask for her to do again -Leanne
*No. For a long time I just thought I had frizzy hair which made me want straight hair. Now that I understand how curly hair works I wouldn’t change it for the world -Jordan
*I have always loved my curls. They are a part of my personality. I feel at my best when my curls are shiny, bouncy and have lots of volume! Shake those curls out!!! The bigger the hair, the closer to god! -Kristy

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