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July 19th, 2012


Greeted by a warm welcome – and a ride – from our friend Antonio Prieto (founder and owner of Antonio Prieto Salon in Manhattan), we made our way to Brooklyn for dinner.  We ate in Park Slope at a local spot called Scalino. It turns out the owner’s wife works at Devachan Salon which is the whole reason we were in New York! The trip was off to a great start – a friend meets us at the airport and takes us to a restaurant where the owner’s wife works for the very salon that is hosting our class. What a small world.

On Monday we arrived early to start our one-day intensive at the Devachan Salon. The day was packed with theory and history of Deva’s “CURL-voloution” – a collection of products and cutting techniques specific to curly hair created by Lorraine Massey.

I’d heard a lot about Deva and how happy clients were with the results so I was anxious to learn more. The demos for this unique approach were great and informative. After the instruction, we got some ‘hands on’ learning with mannequin heads. The cutting techniques we learned are great for keeping length and creating shape in curly hair. Deva cuts dry hair, not wet, which has been a fun change. The idea is to work exactly where you need it. When the hair is wet, it’s hard to see what is going on. While there was a lot more to the class, this one change alone was a powerful tool for us. We’ve all definitely used the techniques we learned already. Can’t wait to cut more curly heads now!

Deva products are botanically based with no surfactants (which means no lather), no parabens and no silicones.  All of this means that, as a product line, Deva fits in well with our philosophy about products.  It is the perfect compliment for our curly-headed friends.  Come in for a cut and see for yourself.

After class our Festoon group went out for some New York City street time – walking and shopping. Even though the trip was short, we were able to squeeze in one sightseeing adventure – some of the staff had never been to New York so we had to explore!  We decided on the Empire State Building and it was great.  Here’s a tip for your next trip to New York: If you are going to see the Empire State Building, go on a Monday night at 10 pm. There will be no lines. The nighttime view will be spectacular.

Our flight home on Tuesday was at 5 p.m. so John and I had to pick our most important stops for that morning. The day started with breakfast at Pastis.  A former client of mine was our server! She moved to New York three months ago and it was great to see her.  Yet another “small world” bonus on such a brief trip!

High Line park is great – perfect for walking in an urban place. Built in 1999 on an historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side, it runs from Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District to West 34th Street, between 10th & 11th Avenues. After walking, we shopped a bit in the West Village and the Meatpacking District – two of our favorite Manhattan neighborhoods.  Too soon it was time to head back to TriBeCa where our car was waiting for us.

Short but sweet….and full of fun surprises!


We believe…in our work, our community and you…

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