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Remember when a replenishing masque for your hair took the better part of an evening or a Sunday morning?  The days when you had to wash your hair, apply the masque, cover with a cap and wander around the house for 30 min?

Who has time for that?! Not me and probably not you either. Let me tell you about some of the most progressive masques on the market – as well as the most friendly to your health and for the earth.

Oribe’s Gold Lust Transformative Masque
What it is – A truly modern formulation that rebuilds each fiber, improves elasticity and fortifies each hair for softness and body. Restores hair with each use.

Why it’s special – This masque works in just one minute to provide benefits. Keep it on hair longer and it just gets better. Why you want it – Dermatologist-tested and formulated without parabens, sulfates or sodium chloride. Color and Keratin treatment safe and provides UV protection for hair. It’s even vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free. Wow!

Secret ingredients – African Baobab, often referred to as the “tree of life,” can live more than 3,000 years. The golden rich oil from this tree’s “super fruit” is rich in antioxidants and contains more Vitamin C than an orange and more calcium than spinach. Baobab Extract is used in the Gold Lust Family to replenish hair to a soft, elastic and youthful state. Mediterranean Cypress – The genus name for Mediterranean Cyprus comes from the Greek word for “immortal.” This extract is a vital anti-aging ingredient in the Gold Lust Bio-Restorative Complex.

Elixer Ultime 24 Karat Indulge Ritual
What it is – A customizable masque with your choice of 4 different oils for shine, protection, nourishment and strengthening.

Why it’s special – You choose the formula you need at any given time. Why you want it – It does its work in under 10 minutes, simply add 2 pumps oil into a quarter size amount of Elixir Ultime Masque, then massage in, wait and rinse.

Secret Ingredients – Maize oil which delivers emollient and anti-oxidant active ingredients for shine. Pracaxi oil brings shine, nourishment and deep conditioning to the hair. Camellia oil helps smooth the hair fiber and argan oil restores strength to the hair and protects it from external aggressors.

Masque Densite
What it is – A daily treatment to restore substance, shine, and resiliency. Why it’s special – This light, rinse-able gel doesn’t weigh down hair while doing it’s job of detangling and smoothing.

Why you want it – With daily use, hair becomes stonger and more resilient. It is also styling friendly masque if you battle hair that gets weighed down easily.

Secret ingredients – Masque Densite contains Hyaluronic Acid – a natural mineral which retains up to 1,000 times its weight in moisture, creating a plump, hydrated hair fiber. It also has a special peptide that restores a uniform surface to the cuticle for maximum shine and ceramides to strengthen the hair and prevent breakage.

Kérastase Immersion Nutritive
What it is – This nutrition maximizer erases symptoms of dryness, amplifying nutritional power by nourishing the hair.

Why it’s special – The cool thing with this one is that it goes on dry hair, before you shower.  So, no double shower or sink is involved.  Just apply a small amount to the lengths of your hair and then leave on for a few minutes before you jump in the shower.  Why you want it – It’s great for calming really thick or extremely dry hair and it offers superior detangling.

Secret ingredients – Iris Rhizome extract protects against oxidation and Royal Jelly replenishes the surface of dry hair.

So why a masque? Because your everyday conditioners can only do so much. Everyday conditioners can smooth the cuticle, impart a small amount of moisture, and do a decent job of protecting the hair from heat and sun.

But if you want to better your hair….wear your masque!




Peak Performance: A wall of hair products can accomplish the impossible! I love product. Product supports a stylist’s creations, rebuilds the hair, and sometimes even accomplishes the impossible. 

Without a wide array of products our clients hair would be frizzier, flatter and less shiny. Product gives us a liftholds things in place andcamouflages the sneaky greys that show up along our hairline between color appointments.

At Festoon we curate our product lines based on performance. They have to work and they have to work really well to meet our standards. In order to offer you the best products on the market we test everything. We also educate ourselves every month about new productstechnological advances in the industry. There is no shortage of product and there is a process to finding the best. That’s what we do for you.

With so much to choose from, it can be overwhelming. We take the guess work out of it for you. Here’s an analogy for you wine drinkers. I don’t drink wine – it’s an Asian processing thing, my body doesn’t like it. So when I walk into the wine aisle at the market or try to read a wine menu… my eyes glaze over. What’s with all the regional names? The hidden flavor notes? The difference between varietals? It means nothing to me. My husband John on the other hand, has the opposite response. He starts getting excited, thinks about the best pairing for his meal and considers wine an integral part of the dining experience. (He’s Irish by the way!)

When I see a client at the product wall, I imagine myself reading a wine list in total confusion and wonder: Do they know what they want? I need to walk over and help them. There are so many choices of products for different types of hair so let us help you!

Did you know we have 2 shampoos for irritated scalp? We have 4 shampoos for volume. We have 5 different hair oils. 3 Hairsprays.  20conditioners. I could go on and on. “Why?” you may ask. Because for everyone who wants one particular product – say a conditioner – they could have fine, thick, curly, flat, dry, oily, oil at the scalp and dry at the ends, breaking hair, processed hair… and the product they need will be different depending on these qualities.

As we change and get older, hair changes too, just like our skin and bodies. We need different products. And as I get older, I am becoming an expert on this topic! I often recommend Deva no lather shampoobecause hair can benefit from a non-surfactant, no lather shampoo.Color doesn’t fade and all that bubbly lather dries hair out. While this product is intended for curly hair I LEARNED through my daily work that dry hair also really benefits from this product.  How do I know this? I have frizzy, hard to manage hair and when I tested this product (remember we test everything?) I became a believer. Bubbles now never touch my hair.

Moral of the story? Your stylist is a sommelier of products. 

Talk to your stylist. TELL them what you like and don’t like. Ask for suggestions. Listen, then try something new.  What’s the risk? There is none.  We believe in our hand selected product line so much that we guarantee your purchase. Even if you’ve used half of it, we’ll credit you half. Who does that these days? We do.

Come explore the range of possibilities! 



melanie before and after Collage (1)

Stylists do a lot of trimming and reshaping. Since many of our clients are either maintaining a favorite look or in a perpetual state of growing out their hair, our challenge is to create styles that don’t look like an awkward phase between short and long, but rather an inspired look at every phase. When our clients feel good when they leave, we are thrilled.

Here’s a little secret though…cutting off hair and creating dramatic new looks is always exciting and gives a hairdresser a little rush. And there is a twinkle in a client’s eye when they are really serious about a new look. That’s when you know they are ready.

Because we love makeovers at Festoon (see our last newsletter for more reasons why), we are going to start featuring them in the Festoonies section of our Newsletter on a more frequent basis… and we always feature them on our Pinterest and Instagram sites!  Check out our Pinterest page especially dedicated to all the great makeoverswe have had the great joy in doing recently.

Our lucky makeover winner, Melanie, a yoga instructor here in the Bay Area, had her new look created by Emily – an inspired stylist with great vision who has been with Festoon for almost 4 years. It is no surprise that Emily created the exact transformation Melanie was looking for. Melanie wanted something that wasn’t going to have to be blow-dried or styled, so Emily gave her an unstructured bob with a lot of layers, and long bangs in the front to really enhance her great jaw-line.  And since Melanie has such pretty blue eyes, Emily wanted to make them pop more by making her a little blonder.  So Emily addedbright blonde highlights around her face and then painted blonde pieces in the back, for a more natural look.

For styling Emily used just a little of Oribe’s Crème for Style, and someDavines Sea Salt Spray at the end when it was dry. And to finish Melanie’s new look our makeup artist, Sarah, focused on accentuating Melanie’s natural beauty. She evened out her complexion using BeccaStick Foundation and setting it with Becca Mineral Powder Foundation. By using neutral pinks on her lips and cheeks, she was able to play up Melanie’s blue eyes with bronzy brown shadows and a slightly winged liner.

We think Melanie’s new look is perfect for her lifestyle and frames her face beautifully!

Who’s next?!

A Little Change Will Do You Good


“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” -Leo Tolstoy

But I say it’s time to consider it!

People respond to change differently. Some of our clients are Change Addicts, others Change Averse.  As a stylist I consider the emotional motivation behind the change when consulting with my clients.  I ask questions like “Have you had short hair before?” “How many times have you been a redhead?” “What is it that you love about the picture your showing me?”

It’s important to know why someone wants to change their hairstyle, and what they are really looking to change.  When people are in the habit of changing their look, then it’s an easy decision. When people are emotionally attached to making a change because of a life experience…we go for it. If people are unsure…we tread lightly.

There are a few absolutes I’ve learned while doing makeovers through the years: When a blonde thinks she wants to be a brunette, we say no. We leave golden highlights in the newly brunette color. Why? Because we’ve had too many ex-blondes cry in our chairs after going too dark! Now we know it is ALWAYS the right decision to darken slowly and leave a familiar brightness while they adjust to the darker color.

Here’s a LINK ON TUMBLR for more thoughts on change.

The When, Why & How of Changing your Hair According to Melissa:

*When you wear your hair in a ponytail everyday
*When you realize your hair looks the same as it did in your high school yearbook
*When the compliments stop
*When your friends start suggesting “their” hairdresser
*When you start a new job, begin a new school year, or have an ugly breakup

*Hair grows
*You wear your hair everyday – around your face!
*Your face changes, change your hair
*Just because

*Ask your friends, your hairdresser, your partner when they liked your hair the most
*Look at our Pinterest page and see what inspires you!
*Go slowly and work your way to the long or short (light or dark) of it
*Go quickly and surprise your friends and family

I’m no stranger to change myself. I love change! I’ve permed, been blonde, red and grey (terrible color on me) and yes, I’ve made a lot of bad choices. AND I’ve been happily surprised more times than I can count. Either way, I look at everything a little differently when I am brave enough to take a risk and go for change.

Go on, give it a try! Submit a current photo of a friend, family member or yourself to win a complimentary Festoon Makeover!  Include a statement on the “why” and “how”.  We will accept entries up until andpick the winner on August 1st.  Then stay tuned for the big reveal in our mid-August Newsletter. Submissions may be mailed to mail@festoonsalon.com.

Brightening Up For Summer!


What shade of blonde do you want to be? Believe it or not, everyone can be a blonde. Honey blonde, strawberry blonde, icy blonde. High maintenance blonde and low maintenance blonde. There is a blonde for everyone. Which one is for you?

I went butter blonde many years ago and it was all about my attitude. Of course I changed my makeup routine and my wardrobe to incorporate warmer tones, but it was certainly a fun experiment! After 10 months of bleaching, my poor scalp had had enough so I went back to brown. Interestingly, I didn’t like being a brunette again for several weeks. Now I’m sympathetic to my blonde clients who are sensitive to darker shades…I’ve been there!

If you are considering a change to blonde now that summer has arrived, here are some tips for the “right” blonde for you:

*Skin tone, eye color, time of year and lifestyle all play a part in finding the right shade of blonde.

A general rule is the lighter the eyes, the lighter the hair; the darker the eyes, the darker the blonde. Pink skin tones should avoid warm blondes. Go for sandy and beige blondes. If you have an olive complexion, go for warm blondes to avoid bringing out the green undertones of olive skin. If you have a more neutral skin tone, go for warm or cool, or even mix the two together!

*Maintenance and lifestyle are an important factor in the blonde you choose. If you’re a Bay Area wash-and-go gal, then choose minimal highlights around the face using an ombre or Flamboyage technique.  It’s easy to wear and has less maintenance.

If you want full-blown blonde and don’t mind coming in the salon every 3-4 weeks (AND you have the skin color for it) go for it!  But remember, if you don’t keep up with your color, you’ll likely get banding and other less-desirable effects. Make sure you consult with your stylist before going in this direction. Personally my favorite option is multi-dimensional blonde. It works for cool blondes, strawberry blondes and golden blondes. Using lowlights for contrast brings out a depth of effect and can really make your eye color pop! I love highlights that aren’t so predictable. These can really compliment a cut or the wave of your hair with the right placement.

*And last but not least: Beautiful, healthy hair is most important.

No matter what color you choose, fried or damaged hair is never attractive.  Ever.

Blonding is the most aggressive coloring we do. Frequency, product, styling tools and home care are extra important with bleached hair. Let us help you choose the right products to sustain healthy hair. Shampoo as little as possible and choose the right leave-in protection. Also stay away from excessive blow drying and heat styling tools like curling irons.

And with all that being said… Lighten up!


We believe…in inner beauty, and doing what you can on the outside…

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