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There are so many ways to give…and all are so important. Festoon is about bringing beauty into the world as well as preserving it for future generations.  In all of our choices, we strive to minimize our ecological footprint.  When deciding on what color line and hair care products to bring to you, we chose Davines because they share our commitment to taking care of the environment and creating beauty sustainably. Davines’ commitment to sustainability spans from the ethically sourced natural ingredients in their products to their product packaging and commitment to education.

For the third year in a row, Davines salons are partnering with The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation.  In the first year of the partnership, Sustainable Beauty Day made it possible to plant 6,000 fruit trees in deforested, poverty-stricken areas of Mozambique and South Africa. Last year, the program traveled to Brazil to plant 5,800 more fruit trees!  This year to raise money for low-income communities, Sustainable Beauty Day has been extended to Sustainable Beauty Week… but here at Festoon, we are taking it even further and making it Sustainable Beauty Month!  For the entire month of April, Festoon will be donating 10% of all carbon-neutral Davines product sales on your behalf.

You can join us in supporting worldwide efforts to plant trees at schools with low-income families, improving nutrition and environmental benefits for generations. At both of our locations we will be accepting donations toThe Fruit Tree Planting Foundation.  With any donation of $5 or more, you will receive a Davines Sustainable Beauty pochette as a thank you gift.  Or, you can receive this thank you gift with a $2 donation and the purchase of any 2 carbon-neutral Davines products – Essential Haircare, Oi, and More Inside.  The carbon dioxide emissions generated by the production of the packaging for these 3 lines are offset by the protection and reforestation of nature reserves in Italy and Costa Rica, as established by the Kyoto Protocol.

Did you know?
These are some of the things we do behind the Festoon curtains!
• We compost all your lovely locks we cut off… unless they are 10” or longer, then we donate to Locks of Love.
• We use Japanese nozzles specially designed for shampoo bowls tocut our water usage by 70%.
• We use paper cups for hygienic reasons and because they are compostable.
• We compost all our tea, coffee and food waste.
• We wash and re-use our color gloves.
• We purchase and use “green” cleaners and laundry detergent
• We recycle all the foil we use for creating your beautiful highlights.
• We don’t buy bottled water, our water is filtered from the tap.
• We recycle 70% of our waste.

Some of the things that Davines does behind the tendaggio!
• Davines created the Authentic Moisturizing Balm & Cleansing Nectar which are free from parabens, silicones, artificial colours and PEG.
• Davines has already contributed to offset the emissions of 40,983,93 lbs of CO2.
• Davines was honored with the title of Zero Impact Ambassador 2013by LifeGate.
• Davines helped LifeGate plant and care for 2,075,379 square meters of forest in 2011.
• Davines has used the renewable energy of the sun, wind, water and soil to supply its production plants in Parma since 2006.

Thank you for supporting us, our values and our eco-friendly Festoon community.     


Calling All Curls!


This month at Festoon it is all about curls, waves, and texture. Lately curling irons are taking over and being used to create romantic texture and beach-y looks. Why? Waves are soft, beautiful and flattering.  So curly girls, count your blessings for having natural curls!

For those of you who haven’t embraced your curls, yet, we are here to help make your curls your ally!  We want to be your curl-whisperer.  It starts with understanding that every curl is as unique as you are and every day with curly hair is a new adventure.  Curly hair comes out of the head differently and curls come in all textures and lengths. Nobody’s curl is ever the same as someone else’s.  My most recent look has become wavy, because as my hair has aged – becoming wavier and frizzier.  Instead of trying to fight it back straight, I changed the way I style my hair and embraced the new curl. I’m so happy I did!

Over the last few years, we’ve endeavored to become curly hair experts. To address the special nature of curly hair, we’ve brought on newhighly effective products specifically created for curls. Curly hair is fragile, so cleansers that are no lather, sulfate/silicone/paraben free are essential.  And, we’ve brought in specialists for staff trainings, as well as sent our stylists to N.Y. and L.A. for  training just for curly hair.  In this process, we have also learned the DevaCurl technique for cutting curly hair.  So we cut hair dry a lot of the time, and we teach you how to manage your curly hair.  Because how you style your curly ‘do is as important as how we cut your hair!

Once you know how to BE with your curls, you are more confident about how to manage your hair, your hair looks beautiful and the compliments flow. Let us help you make the most of your beautiful curls!

As I am a newcomer to the curly girl gang, I asked a few of our own Festoonie curly girls for some tips:

What is the biggest thing that has made your hair more manageable?
A great haircut and the right products -Jordan
 didn’t really know how defined my curls could be until I learned the deva 3-step styling method. My curls need to be encouraged, and the best thing I took away from that was to not over fuss with my hair when it’s wet. Scrunch the water out, blot with a towel, add product. Then NO touching after that! -Kristy
*Deva products – especially the no poo cleanser. I never realized my hair was frizzy because of the shampoo I was using -Leanne
*Knowing that you never brush curly hair after washing!! -Kristal 

Has your curly hair changed over time and if so, how did you deal with it?
*It’s gotten curlier over time. My hair is very opinionated and let’s me know what it needs when it changes -Jordan
*Yes, My hair went from “s’wavy” when I was an adolescent to curly. I blame that on puberty ; ) -Kristy
*I didn’t even know I had curly hair until I was 15. It was very long and I brushed it out  -Leanne

How do you create different looks? 
*Product. Some make hair tamer and some make it bigger. My favorite is big hair -Jordan
*If I want my hair at its curliest I follow the deva 3-step. If I want a looser curl similar to a finger wave, I style when my hair is wet (slightly dripping) by parting it where I want and run a wide tooth comb through from root to ends. Then I scrunch some product in and lightly finger it into place before I diffuse or air dry -Kristy
*Bobby pins hide really well in curly hair. Use them to create different styles! -Leanne

*Different products with different amounts of hold change the style -Kristal 

What are your favorite two go-to products and why?
*Oribe Curl Shaping Mousse hands down. It defines my curls and makes them soft to the touch. I can reapply on dry hair and it tames the hair when it’s a little out of control. This product is amazing and I will cry if they ever take it away! I also like the Davines Curl Building Serum because it creates shine and helps with frizz -Jordan
*DevaCurl One Conditioner is a must! Also the Light Defining Hold Gel because it works on everyone no matter the texture -Kristal
*Now that my hair is a shorter length I struggle with getting enough texture in my hair. It’s very soft and healthy which is good but harder to style. I’m really loving the Surfcomber Mousse by Oribe. A little goes a long way – one half-dollar size dollop from root to ends.  It gives a texture similar to when you use hairspray, giving great hold and definition without weighing my hair down. I’m also loving the Kerastase Spray A Porter. I love to spray it on dry hair to refresh my curls and it adds just the right texture without feeling sticky -Kristy

How do you normally style your hair?
*Wash and go. I’m not big on a lot of fuss and my hair doesn’t like it either -Jordan
*When my hair is freshly washed I wear it down for two days then it goes up for a day or two
*Scrunched with it’s natural wave, or air-dried then curled with a curling iron -Kristal

How often do you get it cut?
*I try for every eight weeks -Kristal
*Every 10 weeks -Leanne
*Every 8-10 weeks. 12 weeks if I’m growing it longer -Kristy

Did you always like your curly hair?
*No! I used to look like a wet poodle when my mom cut my hair when I was a kid! -Kristal
*I have. I didn’t think I could do any different.  A roommate in college spent 2 hours blowing out my hair and I thought it was a lot to ask for her to do again -Leanne
*No. For a long time I just thought I had frizzy hair which made me want straight hair. Now that I understand how curly hair works I wouldn’t change it for the world -Jordan
*I have always loved my curls. They are a part of my personality. I feel at my best when my curls are shiny, bouncy and have lots of volume! Shake those curls out!!! The bigger the hair, the closer to god! -Kristy

HELLO 2014!


As we headed into 2014, I started thinking about the “idea” of a New Year’s Resolution. Here’s what I learned: the idea started with the Romans and to summarize (because that could be a whole newsletter!) – do good to others, then be grateful for the year past and contemplate the upcoming year. Not too much has changed.

Personally, I’ve chosen to nix the whole resolution thing. My life is full of goals and things to do…I don’t need to add another, that would only stress me out!  What I love to do (and yes it’s only once a year) is to review all that has changed and what we’ve accomplished. And amazingly, it’s always more than I thought. Taking this time for reflection helps me remember how much my Festoon family has accomplished, as well as my young children.

For Festoon, we are happy to be promoting more Stylists through our Apprenticeship program than ever before.  Our clientele continues to grow and we remain humble in responding to all your wonderful and important feedback.  We continued to work on perfecting our Deva inspired curly hair styling and cutting, expanded our braiding skills with two amazing braiding classes and sharpened our cutting skills with fantastic classes with Sally Rogerson. John and I also launched a new business called Festoon Business. We partnered with a good friend, Tom Seeberger, who opened Bumble and bumble University and was part of the huge success Bumble had over the last decade.  We will be working as consultants for salons all over the country, coaching them on how to improve their salons, lives, and our industry by using our salon as the model. This year, Festoon will also be launching our own in-house Blow-dry bar… watch for more information to come!

For my family, this New Years we chose to celebrate in Sayulita, Mexico.  Every few years, I like to go away for New Years because I find the holidays all consuming.  When we travel, I can focus just on us being together.  We talked about our favorite memories, things that were important to us over this past year, and made new memories.  On this trip, my son surfed for the first time and my daughter rode her first horse! These experiences are more valued than any holiday gift could’ve been.

Reflecting personally, it’s the little things that are so important. I keep taking my dance class twice a week, eat well, pretend to do yoga every now and again, walk my dog, cram as much as possible into every day, and spend time with my family. This past year, I watched my daughter get on a bus to school for the first time and learn to read.  I also saw my son learn how to surf, and go through all the sometimes painful things it takes to grow up and to learn how to be a happy person. Invaluable.

Thank you for an inspiring 2013 & here’s looking forward to an even better 2014!




These luxe beauty products may be too good for giving, but in case you are feeling generous enough to share, we have a selection of great picks for you! When I opened Festoon 24 years ago, it was never about me. I wanted it to be a salon that focused on making my clients feel their best & the holidays are a great time for everyone to find that extra glam…and we are here to help!

 Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray($37) is the newer cousin to Oribe’s smash hit Dry Texture Spray. Plump up the volume with this high-density finishing spray that inflates hair for extra thickness and lushness. Thick is good for touching up looks where you want maximum volume with less grit. Thick Dry Finishing Spray provides volume & memory for fullness. Its mattifying effect is great for that tousled look. The bonus? It acts as a dry shampoo! Perfect for travel and those back to back (to back) holiday parties.

LIP SERVICE: Armour Beauty Lip Gloss ($21) is the brainchild of rocker/model Theo Kogan who wanted a lip gloss that would stay on during a performance, so she created her own. This long-wearing, naturally based, Rock n Roll lip gloss works. And works. And works. We’ve tested it and it delivered! Festoonies are partial to the colorSiouxsie – a tomato hued gloss that lasted on our salon manager for over 6 hours. Armour’s moisturizing formula is rich in natural oils and butters to moisturize and protect lips while remaining cruelty AND paraben free.

FAIRY GODMOTHER  > THAN SANTA: Japanese Fairydrops Mascara ($24) creates thicker lashes in an instant. Created to curl and lengthen, the unique formula delivers tiny fibers that attach to the ends of lashes to make them appear longer and more full. The specially-designed wand ensures perfect contact with every lash for volume, shape and a no-clump eyelash. Every client who has tried it has loved it! Because of the great formula & unique wand Fairydrops delivers beautiful thick lashes that don’t smear. Available in both regular and waterproof formulations.

FINE BUT MIGHTY: The recently-launched Kérastase Styling Line has added a whole new array of styling options to Festoon’s repertoire. A favorite combo for maximum volume is the Densitive GL Lotion ($40) paired with the Volumizing Mousse Bouffant ($36). Pump up the volume for real. Clients with fine hair love this mixture. We are able to provide volume and hair that has memory. Fine hair can only take so much product without feeling like a helmet. This duo is your answer!

SHINE ON: For that beautiful unbelievable shine that comes with youthful hair… use Cristalliste Cristal Sculpte ($42).  A two-chamber product that when mixed together makes magic. The result is hair that is shiny, manageable and conditioned. Can be used on wet or dry hair and blown into the hair. Great for bleached or colored hair to revive the hair back to its previous youthful glory.

AMAZING IN AN INSTANT: Can something be amazing in an instant? Yes! Kérastase Fusio-Dose Treatments are now available in a handy and fast spray-in formulation created for maximum impact. Festoon offers in-salon Kérastase treatments as an add-on to your service($30). But even better, now you can maintain salon results between appointments with a 3-vial take-home pack ($75 for 3 doses). We customize them at the salon to suit your individual needs. Strength, moisture, volume, color support…or a combo of several.  Ask for the Fusio-Dose Homelab treatment pack for you or as a gift for your beauty-obsessed pals.

GO GRANDE WHEN YOU GO HOME: GrandeLASH MD ($60) helps to improve length, fullness, thickness and darkness of lashes and eyebrows in 3-6 weeks. Want longer and thicker lashes? Use this daily and you will see your lashes grow before your very eyes. It’s a botanical product that doesn’t change eye color (like the other one that shall not be named) and costs a lot less then the other one. Make sure to use sparingly as it really grows hair wherever it touches. Great for eyebrows too!

EFFORTLESS GLAM: From indulgent products to a $25 Blowdry Special, Festoon is here to keep you looking fabulous all season long. You know you always looks & feel like a million bucks after a good blowout, so take the stress out of the upcoming holiday season by taking advantage of our Blowdry Special. Now through December, Shampoo+Blowdry appointments are available weekdays for only $25 with our apprentices.



24 years of Festoon, 24 years of learning…Thank you Festoon, I am so grateful for being with you for half of my life!

I opened this salon when I was only 24 years old. And oh how I’ve learned along the way.

My dream for Festoon was to create an environment that was warm and welcoming, where you were greeted by your name and often a hug, where you walked out more beautiful than when you came in, where you left knowing how to take care of your new look at home.

Simple? Sure – as a concept. But there were many lessons to learn along the way in order to make it all come true. Is this dream still true? Absolutely!

24 years, 40 Festoonies and many beloved clients later, Festoon has a life of its own.

Upon reflection, that is what I truly wanted. I never named the salon after me because it was never about me. It’s about a group of people who love what they do, who want to have fun, and who enjoy creating beauty every day…in order to festoon you!

My mission statement for the salon is:
We help our guests realize individual beauty through impeccable service and sustainable luxury products.

Are we there? Yes.
And no.

In reality, we are never ‘there’ because there must be continual evolution in order for Festoon to continue fulfilling my dream. Because of Festoon, I’ve been able to grow and change in amazing ways.

Here are 24 lessons I’ve learned along the way:
1) My clients are my university
2) Assumption will always land me in hot water
3) Surround yourself with the young and hopeful
4) Surround yourself with people different than yourself
5) What doesn’t kill you, does really make you stronger
6) Listen with 2 ears
7) There are many messengers
8) Beauty changes, and we have to change with it
9) Styles come and go, and then come and go again
10)  Most beauty issues are solvable
11)  Cold, dry weather isn’t good for skin, scalp or hair
12)  People do get traumatized by bad haircuts and colors
13)  Little girls should not get their hair cut at Barber Shops (see 12)
14)  Say “Thank you” to a lot of people everyday
15)  Technology sure has changed in 24 years!
16)  As I get older and my clients get older – I think we look more alike than ever
17)  If I really want something done, and I put one step in front of the other, it happens
18)  The older I get, the more work it takes to look fabulous!
19)  The older I get, the less I care what people think
20)  Change your hair, it grows
21)  Surround yourself with people who care about what they do
22)  Travel to get a new perspective
23)  If you have an issue, someone else has the answer. Go find them.
24)  Be grateful


We believe…in inner beauty, and doing what you can on the outside…

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