April 29th, 2011

becca cosmetics

When the glow goes away, you can bring it back…with makeup.   (Well, there are other ways, but that is for a different sort of website.)

In my late teens people would talk about “glow” and I wondered what they were talking about.  Now, past a certain birthday and a mother to two small children, I know exactly what they meant.

Back when “glow” meant nothing to me, I was actually covering it up.   I wore hard black eyebrows, bright red lips, lots of mascara and way too much foundation….it was the 80’s, what can I say?

Like all products in the beauty industry, makeup has changed so much.  I love the fact that I can travel with only 4 key items in my cosmetic bag.  I can have a dewy, glow-y daytime look (dewy now comes in the form of a primer) and a smokey eye with clear nude lips for night- all with an easy application of makeup.

Festoon has carried makeup before.  It failed dramatically.  Now we know that it was positioned wrong in the salon and we had no support from the manufacturer.  When we pulled it, we never looked back and never thought we’d carry a cosmetic line again.

That all changed when someone sent me a beautiful box of Becca makeup.  Keep in mind that, as the owner of a salon, I get sent A LOT of stuff so I have to like the branding immediately or it doesn’t even make it out of the box.  I was impressed.  I did some research but mostly I started playing.  I didn’t want to know too much about the makeup before having an authentic reaction to my experience.

I tested it for over two months before I called Becca to say that I was interested in their line and asked them to tell me more.  That first phone call was all it took.

In-chair consultations with my clients started when they noticed my new look:  “What do you wear on your face?” “Do you like going to buy makeup?”  “What would create a fun makeup experience for you?” Etc…

John and I began to strategize ways to integrate makeup in the salon and have it be an exciting and fun experience for our clients.   We’ve had two very successful “makeover days,” and clients are receiving complimentary touchups.

Having Becca makeup in the salon is teaching us new things, and this is what we love most about our business…learning and growing with our clients.  What we’ve learned with our latest venture is this:

You ladies know what you want; you want great quality, easy-to-use products, and to look glow-y and beautiful when you’re done.  We’ve got you covered.

Can’t wait to see you at our new makeup counter.


We believe…in our work, our community and you…

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