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HELLO 2014!

January 23rd, 2014


As we headed into 2014, I started thinking about the “idea” of a New Year’s Resolution. Here’s what I learned: the idea started with the Romans and to summarize (because that could be a whole newsletter!) – do good to others, then be grateful for the year past and contemplate the upcoming year. Not too much has changed.

Personally, I’ve chosen to nix the whole resolution thing. My life is full of goals and things to do…I don’t need to add another, that would only stress me out!  What I love to do (and yes it’s only once a year) is to review all that has changed and what we’ve accomplished. And amazingly, it’s always more than I thought. Taking this time for reflection helps me remember how much my Festoon family has accomplished, as well as my young children.

For Festoon, we are happy to be promoting more Stylists through our Apprenticeship program than ever before.  Our clientele continues to grow and we remain humble in responding to all your wonderful and important feedback.  We continued to work on perfecting our Deva inspired curly hair styling and cutting, expanded our braiding skills with two amazing braiding classes and sharpened our cutting skills with fantastic classes with Sally Rogerson. John and I also launched a new business called Festoon Business. We partnered with a good friend, Tom Seeberger, who opened Bumble and bumble University and was part of the huge success Bumble had over the last decade.  We will be working as consultants for salons all over the country, coaching them on how to improve their salons, lives, and our industry by using our salon as the model. This year, Festoon will also be launching our own in-house Blow-dry bar… watch for more information to come!

For my family, this New Years we chose to celebrate in Sayulita, Mexico.  Every few years, I like to go away for New Years because I find the holidays all consuming.  When we travel, I can focus just on us being together.  We talked about our favorite memories, things that were important to us over this past year, and made new memories.  On this trip, my son surfed for the first time and my daughter rode her first horse! These experiences are more valued than any holiday gift could’ve been.

Reflecting personally, it’s the little things that are so important. I keep taking my dance class twice a week, eat well, pretend to do yoga every now and again, walk my dog, cram as much as possible into every day, and spend time with my family. This past year, I watched my daughter get on a bus to school for the first time and learn to read.  I also saw my son learn how to surf, and go through all the sometimes painful things it takes to grow up and to learn how to be a happy person. Invaluable.

Thank you for an inspiring 2013 & here’s looking forward to an even better 2014!


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