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December 9th, 2013


These luxe beauty products may be too good for giving, but in case you are feeling generous enough to share, we have a selection of great picks for you! When I opened Festoon 24 years ago, it was never about me. I wanted it to be a salon that focused on making my clients feel their best & the holidays are a great time for everyone to find that extra glam…and we are here to help!

 Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray($37) is the newer cousin to Oribe’s smash hit Dry Texture Spray. Plump up the volume with this high-density finishing spray that inflates hair for extra thickness and lushness. Thick is good for touching up looks where you want maximum volume with less grit. Thick Dry Finishing Spray provides volume & memory for fullness. Its mattifying effect is great for that tousled look. The bonus? It acts as a dry shampoo! Perfect for travel and those back to back (to back) holiday parties.

LIP SERVICE: Armour Beauty Lip Gloss ($21) is the brainchild of rocker/model Theo Kogan who wanted a lip gloss that would stay on during a performance, so she created her own. This long-wearing, naturally based, Rock n Roll lip gloss works. And works. And works. We’ve tested it and it delivered! Festoonies are partial to the colorSiouxsie – a tomato hued gloss that lasted on our salon manager for over 6 hours. Armour’s moisturizing formula is rich in natural oils and butters to moisturize and protect lips while remaining cruelty AND paraben free.

FAIRY GODMOTHER  > THAN SANTA: Japanese Fairydrops Mascara ($24) creates thicker lashes in an instant. Created to curl and lengthen, the unique formula delivers tiny fibers that attach to the ends of lashes to make them appear longer and more full. The specially-designed wand ensures perfect contact with every lash for volume, shape and a no-clump eyelash. Every client who has tried it has loved it! Because of the great formula & unique wand Fairydrops delivers beautiful thick lashes that don’t smear. Available in both regular and waterproof formulations.

FINE BUT MIGHTY: The recently-launched Kérastase Styling Line has added a whole new array of styling options to Festoon’s repertoire. A favorite combo for maximum volume is the Densitive GL Lotion ($40) paired with the Volumizing Mousse Bouffant ($36). Pump up the volume for real. Clients with fine hair love this mixture. We are able to provide volume and hair that has memory. Fine hair can only take so much product without feeling like a helmet. This duo is your answer!

SHINE ON: For that beautiful unbelievable shine that comes with youthful hair… use Cristalliste Cristal Sculpte ($42).  A two-chamber product that when mixed together makes magic. The result is hair that is shiny, manageable and conditioned. Can be used on wet or dry hair and blown into the hair. Great for bleached or colored hair to revive the hair back to its previous youthful glory.

AMAZING IN AN INSTANT: Can something be amazing in an instant? Yes! Kérastase Fusio-Dose Treatments are now available in a handy and fast spray-in formulation created for maximum impact. Festoon offers in-salon Kérastase treatments as an add-on to your service($30). But even better, now you can maintain salon results between appointments with a 3-vial take-home pack ($75 for 3 doses). We customize them at the salon to suit your individual needs. Strength, moisture, volume, color support…or a combo of several.  Ask for the Fusio-Dose Homelab treatment pack for you or as a gift for your beauty-obsessed pals.

GO GRANDE WHEN YOU GO HOME: GrandeLASH MD ($60) helps to improve length, fullness, thickness and darkness of lashes and eyebrows in 3-6 weeks. Want longer and thicker lashes? Use this daily and you will see your lashes grow before your very eyes. It’s a botanical product that doesn’t change eye color (like the other one that shall not be named) and costs a lot less then the other one. Make sure to use sparingly as it really grows hair wherever it touches. Great for eyebrows too!

EFFORTLESS GLAM: From indulgent products to a $25 Blowdry Special, Festoon is here to keep you looking fabulous all season long. You know you always looks & feel like a million bucks after a good blowout, so take the stress out of the upcoming holiday season by taking advantage of our Blowdry Special. Now through December, Shampoo+Blowdry appointments are available weekdays for only $25 with our apprentices.

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