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Be a hair model for our apprentices

The Apprenticeship Program is the heart of Festoon. The incorporation of new minds ensures that Festoon is continually infused with new ideas. We take great pride in our Apprenticeship Program. We strive to create truly well-rounded stylists by providing both technical and customer service training. The Apprentices are given the opportunity to perfect their skills by scheduling models for appointments on Mondays in our Berkeley salon. To progress in the program, the Apprentices must demonstrate their technical expertise with a variety of haircuts and color services. As they advance, they may schedule model appointments on additional days. These more experienced Apprentices are our Advanced Apprentices. Ultimately, once they have passed all the levels, the Apprentices are given the opportunity to cut and color as Jr. Stylists and then as full Stylists at Festoon.

Appointments with the Apprentices always begin with a thorough consultation with the Educator. We ask you to keep an open mind and remember that this is a learning situation. All work is supervised, however results are not guaranteed. Because of the importance of this program, we encourage promptness and patience. Please see our pricelist on the Services page for the cost of Apprentice Services.

As the Apprentices progress through the program they require specific types of haircut and color models. If you would like to be a hair model, you will need to tell us in advance what type of haircut you would like. These are some of your choices: short women’s, short men’s, long layers, one-length bob, graduated bob, & one-length trim.

If you would like to be a color model, you will need to tell us in advance what type color service you would like. The following are brief descriptions:

Tints - This is a single process color. The color applied for this process can be permanent or demi-permanent. *Clarifying question: “Do you want one color all-over?”

Partial Highlights/Lowlights - Highlighting and low-lighting are basically the same service. Highlighting lightens pieces of hair and low-lighting darkens pieces of hair. In order to apply color for a partial highlight, the stylist will weave pieces of hair from the sides and top of the head into foil. *Clarifying question: “Do you want just streaks of color?”

Full Highlights/Lowlights - To complete this service, the stylist weaves hair from the entire head into foil. *Clarifying question: “Do you want to see a lot of streaks throughout your hair? Or do you want something more natural looking (i.e. partial highlight)?”

Tone on Tone OR Tint with Highlights - This is a partial highlight with a tint on the remaining hair between the foils. *Clarifying question: “Do you want two different colors – an all-over color and highlights?”

Bleach - Bleaching hair is the attempt to remove any natural pigmentation from the hair. *Clarifying question: “Do you want to be platinum blonde all over?”

Corrective Color - Corrective color is scheduled when there is a color problem, for example: you went somewhere else to get your color done or you did it yourself at home and it turned out the wrong color. Another example of a corrective color is when you have been coloring your own hair, and you want to go back to your natural color. Apprentices do not see clients for corrective color services. Please book an appointment with one of our full stylists. All corrective work requires a consultation.

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Appointment Times
Apprentice Haircut and Color appointment times available on Mondays in Berkeley are 10am, 12pm and 2:30pm
Apprentice color appointments available on the 2nd and 5th Mondays of the month in Berkeley
Advanced Apprentice appointments are available weekdays and weekends in the Berkeley Salon
Haircuts require 2 hours of time and include a shampoo and blow-dry finish
Color services require 2-4 hours, and a blow-dry finish when time allows
48 Hours Notice of Cancellation Is Required
No children under the age of 12 can be brought in during appointment

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