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September 16th, 2014


Peak Performance: A wall of hair products can accomplish the impossible! I love product. Product supports a stylist’s creations, rebuilds the hair, and sometimes even accomplishes the impossible. 

Without a wide array of products our clients hair would be frizzier, flatter and less shiny. Product gives us a liftholds things in place andcamouflages the sneaky greys that show up along our hairline between color appointments.

At Festoon we curate our product lines based on performance. They have to work and they have to work really well to meet our standards. In order to offer you the best products on the market we test everything. We also educate ourselves every month about new productstechnological advances in the industry. There is no shortage of product and there is a process to finding the best. That’s what we do for you.

With so much to choose from, it can be overwhelming. We take the guess work out of it for you. Here’s an analogy for you wine drinkers. I don’t drink wine – it’s an Asian processing thing, my body doesn’t like it. So when I walk into the wine aisle at the market or try to read a wine menu… my eyes glaze over. What’s with all the regional names? The hidden flavor notes? The difference between varietals? It means nothing to me. My husband John on the other hand, has the opposite response. He starts getting excited, thinks about the best pairing for his meal and considers wine an integral part of the dining experience. (He’s Irish by the way!)

When I see a client at the product wall, I imagine myself reading a wine list in total confusion and wonder: Do they know what they want? I need to walk over and help them. There are so many choices of products for different types of hair so let us help you!

Did you know we have 2 shampoos for irritated scalp? We have 4 shampoos for volume. We have 5 different hair oils. 3 Hairsprays.  20conditioners. I could go on and on. “Why?” you may ask. Because for everyone who wants one particular product – say a conditioner – they could have fine, thick, curly, flat, dry, oily, oil at the scalp and dry at the ends, breaking hair, processed hair… and the product they need will be different depending on these qualities.

As we change and get older, hair changes too, just like our skin and bodies. We need different products. And as I get older, I am becoming an expert on this topic! I often recommend Deva no lather shampoobecause hair can benefit from a non-surfactant, no lather shampoo.Color doesn’t fade and all that bubbly lather dries hair out. While this product is intended for curly hair I LEARNED through my daily work that dry hair also really benefits from this product.  How do I know this? I have frizzy, hard to manage hair and when I tested this product (remember we test everything?) I became a believer. Bubbles now never touch my hair.

Moral of the story? Your stylist is a sommelier of products. 

Talk to your stylist. TELL them what you like and don’t like. Ask for suggestions. Listen, then try something new.  What’s the risk? There is none.  We believe in our hand selected product line so much that we guarantee your purchase. Even if you’ve used half of it, we’ll credit you half. Who does that these days? We do.

Come explore the range of possibilities! 


We believe…in our work, our community and you…

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