We have been evolving our training program and policies & procedures since our salons creation in 1989. Knowing how difficult this process was, we decided we should share our know-how with our fellow salon professionals. We offer salon owners our training manuals on in-salon training for Apprentices, customer service, team building and retailing.

Festoon Training Manual – $130

The Festoon Training Manual was created over a period of 10 years. This is the same manual that we use in our salon to train our Apprentices. It not only focuses on technical ability but service and retailing as well. The system we created is financially self-sufficient and encourages the Apprentices to progress through the program as quickly as possible. We believe the training program is the heart of the salon. It ensures future growth and teamwork.

Operations Manual – $130

The Operations Manual addresses the many facets of how we make our salon run smoothly, efficiently, and profitably. The manual includes everything from how to welcome your customers, to the nuts and bolts of policy and procedure. This manual outlines everything our receptionists must learn to become professional Salon Coordinators.

Festoon Team Development Manual – $130

Our team development manual was created to enhance the performance as well as create well-defined guidelines. The manual includes our own Handbook of Policies and Procedures. There is also a useful section titled “F tools” which includes worksheets designed to teach, coach, and review each individual. Our manual was created to be comprehensive and simple to use. It is an essential for a growing business.

Festoon Retail Video and Workbook – $130

When John spoke at TSA he realized people only heard a small percentage of what he was talking about. So we created The Festoon Retail Video and Workbook. The video is for anyone in the industry who wants to learn how to connect with the client through our systematic way of retailing. The workbook covers everything in the video as well as how to evaluate your current retail situation, from the products you’re selling to your relationship with your companies.

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