What’s with all the long hair?!

November 18th, 2010

"This picture is 7 years old... I rest my case!"

I’ve loved changing my look for as long as I can remember.  In fact, the only thing consistent about my style is that it is never the same thing twice; I’ve been punk and new wave, glamorous and feminine, long and bobbed.

Even my fashion inspiration changes daily – from park mom in jeans or yoga gear, to rocker chic in leather pants, to ladylike blouses with bows… I love it all.  For me, personal style – perfectly expressed for that moment and mood – is the only style there is. 

But I’ve had long hair for more years than I care to count.  To be honest, I’m quite surprised that I’ve let it carry on this long.  It’s partly because I am being lazy.  I also realized I’ve been unwilling to take a risk.  So I am here to tell you all: I am officially BORED of my long hair.

Magazines are full of short sexy hair right now.  I see all those styles… all that gorgeous texture, and I feel myself gearing up.  The holidays are coming and I am considering pin curls, perms, another relaxer, maybe even shaving the underneath of my hair… the world is my oyster.

I challenge all of you who are stuck to be shiny and new for this holiday season.  Try something different… as I tell all my friends, “Its only hair, but the potential is something really exciting!”

Stay posted for my big change!  And while you wait, stop by and post any ideas you think I might like on Festoon’s Facebook page.

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